Meet Dr. Jill

The Good Doctor

Hello! I’m Jill Corbin aka The Good Doctor. Over the past six years I have assisted hundreds of high school students from a variety of academic and learning style backgrounds to navigate the post-secondary search process. I pride myself on providing expert–yet uncomplicated–advice & assistance with identifying appropriate options for after high school graduation.

College Admissions & Transition Experience

Prior to my current role as a college & transition counselor I spent close to a decade in higher education. My background includes working for a two-year professional, graduate school; a small, private, Catholic, true liberal arts university; and a large, public, four-year, research university. I was first hired as a “Director of First Impressions” (fancy title for receptionist) and over the years took on responsibilities ranging from admission counselor to marketing and communications to campus visits and finally the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management.

I now work with students and their families to untangle the often confusing process of finding the right college, submitting applications, writing essays, applying for scholarships, securing financial aid and the many other steps along the way.

Knack for Counseling

Working closely with my clients to discover what the future may hold for each student provides a sense of purpose. Whether it be a gap year experience, a four-year university, scholarship opportunities, academic support programs, or two-year colleges, I am dedicated to providing the ultimate level of customer service. I’m a big believer in the golden rule, therefore I treat each situation as if I were the student. By putting myself in the (virtual) driver’s seat, I can identify the types of support that each client would benefit from receiving.

Personal Education

small me

I grew up in the small town of Ponca City, OK. From the day I started kindergarten until the day I graduated high school, my dad would walk into the kitchen where I was eating my Life cereal before school and say, “Study hard so you can get into the college of your choice, which is the University of Oklahoma.” Every.single.morning. Though it may seem like I didn’t have a choice as to where I attended college, I certainly did.

In 1998 the college search and application process was much different than it is for high school seniors today. However, I happily chose to attend the University of Oklahoma where I earned a Bachelors of Arts in Film & Video Studies with a minor in African/African-American Studies (’03) and a Masters in Human Relations (’05).

I earned a Doctorate in Education with a cognate in Higher Education Administration from the University of North Texas, am a member of the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners and recently completed the College Counseling certificate from UCLA Extension.

Just Jill

Living in colorful Colorado allows me to explore all that the Rocky Mountains have to offer: mountains, lakes, sunsets, national parks, grasslands, deserts and much more with my pup Wilson. Outside of colorful Colorado I have traveled to 41 states and 28 countries.

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